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Strawberries and Prints

I've been obsessed with the Japanese fashion ever since I discovered on Facebook a while back. It's a site that features street fashion in Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku and others. I browse through it religiously and I'd say that Japanese OOTDS never fails to surprise and amaze me. I think Japan has the most innovative fashion. Tokyo has a lot of different fashion styles, cultures, subcultures, and it really interests me.

I've seen Japanese fashion in my own pair of eyes when I went there last April. I just fell in love with the country! Everywhere, there's arts and fashion. It's like food to my eyes to them sparkle. *u*

I am slowly updating my wardrobe with Japanese-inspired fashion items. Some of my outfits here in the blog are slightly inspired by the Japanese fashion, and here's another attempt on having the J-fashion feels on my outfit. Prints, overalls, chunky accessories and platform shoes. I don't know if you'll notice it in the photos, but I also attempted to try the blush under the eye trend in Japan. Heehee~

I've also been wanting to wear this lovely dress overalls I got from Romwe last June. Overalls are so in today. Overalls combined to a skater skirt? Even better! This was originally $32.90 but I got it for only $9.99! Romwe has the craziest sale ever. I post here Romwe Sale Alerts whenever there's a big sale on Romwe, so stay tuned! ;)

I've gone cray cray with cute socks in Japan when I went there. Got this very cheap strawberry print socks at Forever 21 in DĊtonbori. This chunky heels platform boots was inspired by the J-fash too!

I wish I could wear Japanese-inspired outfits everyday. But I'm afraid I'll get overdressed wearing it in the Philippines! lol Can't wait to live in Japan and get crazy weird everyday with my looks! Ahh~ I wanna live the dream! *o*

Leave a comment if you want more Japanese-inspired outfits! or I don't know, you can say whatever. Just don't forget to leave your thoughts on the comment box! Thanks for dropping by! xoxo

Top: Thrifted
Dress Overalls: Romwe
Chain Necklace: mpd, Japan
Bracelets: Forever 21
Strawberry Socks: Forever 21, Japan
Platform Boots: Thrifted


Experience CamSur with Havaianas (Part 2)

If you haven’t read the Part 1 and my post about the Havaianas X mangoRED, read here and here.

It’s time for the first shoot at CWC! We headed to this very cozy wooden cabana in CWC for the couples preparation, and a mini bloggers meeting (a.k.a. more chika)!

Romwe Sale Alert: Best-Sellers, Best Price Ever!

Best Sellers, Best Price Ever!

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25th July-27th July
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Here are my top picks from this Best-Sellers collection:
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